Appelsap 'One Love'

Rogier Smalhout


Rogier Smalhout is an all-round talent who is best known for being co-founder of Appelsap Fresh Music Festival. He entered the world of advertising as Art Director at UbachsWisbrun (now JWT Amsterdam) and …,staat, before he went on to set up his own creative agency HONG KONG Amsterdam. Today he is a multi-disciplinary creative and director who has worked with international clients and agencies. His artistic language strongly reflects his passion and influence from Hip-Hop culture.

Driven by a strong focus on street aesthetics and creating atmospheric pieces, Rogier is intrigued by the craft of film as a communications tool. Considering himself a ‘curator of visual culture’, he’s currently funnelling all of his past experience into his directing work.




Classic eyewear brand Arnette pays homage to their 90’s heritage and at the same time takes a leap into the future. Directed by Rogier Smalhout.

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Appelsap 'One Love'

Appelsap 'One Love'

Director Basha de Bruijn teamed up with Appelsap's founding father Rogier to direct a spot that celebrates hiphop culture worldwide