Countries, Cultures & Citizens

Maeve Stam


When looking at Maeve’s images, the one thing that will almost instantly pop to everybody’s mind is just how much fun, alive and R.E.A.L her characters are.

It’s a feeling, a certain “je ne sais quoi”, a moment of uninhibited love and happiness that Maeve manages to anticipate and then captures like no one else.

Her images come across as deeply captivating, to say the least, and have a sense of freedom about them that is very enchanting. Maeve’s imagery ultimately is very real, which, in combination with the “fun factor” and overall positive feeling, is a killer combo for anyone and anything.

Today, Maeve Stam is a household name and can call companies such as Coca Cola, Corona, Adidas, Converse as well as Nike her happy clients!



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Countries, Cultures & Citizens

Countries, Cultures & Citizens

Maeve explores the theme of ØLÅF x HALAL's capsule collection Countries, Cultures and Citizens