Creating Pioneers


Concept, Copy, Design & Production

From Form


Willem de Kooning Art Academy commissioned From Form to create an online commercial to enthuse new students.

In this film, we’re following the creative process of a design student; from excitedly starting a project to postponing it a few days later, to working late and getting stuck.

Moreover we wanted to show future students that it isn’t about creating perfectly polished pieces, but about coming up with ideas, trying new techniques and mostly failing and learning. We hope to get future and current students motivated to just start, work hard and have fun with it!

The guiding voice-over in the film doubles as a role of a mentor and the students creative consciousness. It’s that little voice in the back of our heads we hear when we’re getting stuck, but also the voice we love to ignore when we’re browsing Facebook.

The making of the Creating Pioneers Film

The making of the Creating Pioneers Film