Travel Journal

Lotte is a passionate traveller who adores to explore different cultures and how they differentiate themselves, with great respect and ease. She is known to prefer real people to models and thus has always been drawn to meeting people from all walks of life.

As a result from her various travels, Lotte has had several exhibitions and books published already. “Places I’ve been, people I’ve met” was both an exhibit as well as a book about her travels and findings in South America. “Origin” was an exhibition that followed her journey through India, where Lotte taught photography to children.
Lotte also worked on a book in which she showcased the images taken by the children alongside her own images, as well as a book & exhibition about her most recent trip to Cape Town. Suyivumela is the title of this exhibition, which was on show in Rijswijk and is a simply heartfelt and honest account of Lotte’s time in South Africa.

Enjoy this very personal glimpse into the world as seen through Lotte’s lens!