The new 100% VR website of...

(not finished yet)



Ton Peters


Let’s be honest. It’s an ongoing disaster: the website of Dutch director Johan Kramer.

For already twelve years, he’s trying to create one, but somehow he manages to pick the wrong people for the job. In 2005, he left his own agency KesselsKramer to start directing and since then, he never managed to get a decent website.

Five years ago, a company in Letland failed in their attempts (johankramer.com) and this year, the job was given to 460, an upcoming VR-company from Madagascar, to make the site completely VR.

In this short film, CEO and Experience Master Carl Cousteau of 460 gives his unique vision for the VR-possibilities of Johan Kramer’s website. It’s Carl’s intention to create a special viewers experience via immersive self-made equipment. So far, the site and equipment are not in production yet.

Johan Kramer himself is not desperate: “I’ve waited 12 years, so another 2 years is no problem”.