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Technology is changing the way we live. The conventional concepts of being human have been disrupted.

Whether we like it or not, technology is here to stay and it’s clearly affecting our lives. There was a time when we were very physically active, but now we rely on devices to do most of our work. The changes in our behavioral patterns caused by this technological revolution could prove to be the primary driving force behind the next stage of evolution for our species.

An important question arises — What impact will new technologies have on human evolution?

The amount of information which is thrown at us every day is growing at an astonishing rate. News, social media, etc… This overflow of information is getting impossible to store and analyze at the same time. That’s why in my opinion our attention span is decreasing — While the analyzing part of the brain is growing in speed, the information retained is overloading our mental hard drive . It’s probable that in the future, the human brain may actually start to favor its analyzing power and rely less on its capability to retain information.

Additionally, there may also be a considerable effect on other organs and limbs. For instance, past generations used hands for physical labor, now we use them mainly for typing on phones or computers which might extend our thumbs over time. We used our legs and feet to migrate and survive, now we are sitting on a chair most of the day so our legs might get shorter and we will certainly lose the fifth toe of our feet. These are just a few examples but other significant changes might occur like an enlarged skull, the loss of sensory function, reduced jaw and tooth size, generalized muscle atrophy, disappearance of body hair, overweight, etc. We’re becoming some kind of technological monsters. Always connected, always wired.