Global rebranding campaign


Executive Producer

Charlotte Brugman


The global rebranding campaign for Peloton is a transformative collaboration with multi-talented photographer and director, Arthur Couvat, produced by HALAL. This momentous partnership reshapes the perception of Peloton as a fitness company transcending age, fitness levels, and income. With Couvat’s exceptional talent and profound understanding of brand storytelling, Peloton’s rebranding efforts reach new heights of creativity, delivering a fresh, inclusive, and engaging brand experience to a broader audience.

Driven by his passion and artistic vision, Couvat brings authenticity to life. Capturing the genuine workout experiences of real Peloton members in their homes, he weaves a narrative that unfolds through before, during, and after moments. Couvat’s commitment to portraying the diverse crowd and their unique stories immerses viewers in a genuine connection with the brand’s community. Through his raw documentary style and dynamic angles, he showcases Peloton users with refreshing authenticity, delivering a powerful portrayal of the Peloton lifestyle.