O2 Telefónica

Can Do

O₂ Telefónica Germany and Serviceplan Bubble have jointly developed a major integrated campaign. The new campaign is centred around the ‘O₂ can do’ philosophy of the brand, and the ‘can do’ tagline is featured in all elements of the integrated campaign, which can be seen online, on German TV, cinema, print, audio, (D)OOH, social media, and at POS.

The centrepiece of the campaign is a powerful film with emotional storytelling and a strong narrative, directed by Salomon Ligthelm. The spot shows what is possible today thanks to technology and a very good 5G network from O₂* in the sense of ‘can do’ – whether it’s two musicians giving a synchronized concert together even though they’re not in the same place, or a basketball player making the basket shot with the help of virtual reality.

The campaign manifesto with statements such as “can do is stronger than anything that holds you back” is used as a voice-over in the image film as well as a handwritten key visual in the form of giant posters throughout Germany. Almost every scene in the image film provides evidence of a ‘can do’ attitude.