No Man's Land

Covid-19: virgin territory for new perspectives



Nick van Tiem


If a worldwide pandemic takes everything out of our hands and even wipes our streets clear, what happens then? Are we discovering something new? Step into a kaleidoscopic portrait of bold team of 11 non-conformists – from tatoo king Henk Schiffmacher to violinist Noa Wildschut, entrepreneur Hanna Verboom and rappers Dio & Twan van Steenhoven- that don’t see their old lives swept away, but that dig up new frameworks. These are the fragile and penetrating ‘monologues intérier’ that we carry with us when the hamster wheel stops turning. A story shot through the medium format eye about courage, vulnerability and authenticity amidst crisis. Vividly framed by our electric Amsterdam city scape.


Although you probably won’t feel the warmth of a handshake any time soon, this is one that shall resonate for ages