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A-Z of Music



Dave Harrington


i-D’s A-Z is an acclaimed series that put the spotlight on various industries, people and topics by zooming in on an issue under an alphabetical microscope. Using the alphabet as the narrative, the series has featured chapters on fashion, various cities and dance, to mention some. Our Sam de Jong had the pleasure to direct the Music chapter.

Arranged by composer Dave Harrington,the A-Z of Music effortlessly stitches together 26 live performances to create an unprecedented sonic and visual composition. From throat singer Tanya Tagaq’s political vocals to the quirky acoustic country guitar chords by Dougie Poole, A-Z of Music serves as an inclusive encyclopedia of some of the most interesting faces in music today.

The film was awarded the reputable Yellow and Wood Pencil at D&AD. It also picked up a Gold Lamp at the 2018 edition of ADCN, the Netherlands’ leading award show for creative excellence and craft. The jury comments: “As if someone dropped some acid in your morning coffee. It is like a doorway to that place we call creativity, where raw passion, escapism and tribalism spark the fire of our collective mojo. If craft can make you feel this, it must be golden. Deep bow from jury and no doubt the audience.”

Sam was also honoured with a Gold at the 2018 Young Director Award for this work.

And these are all the featured artists:

Afropunk Coco, Breezy And Quinn Felipe
Bubu Janka Nabay
Country Dougie Poole
Dance floor Malory
Experimental Sadaf
Free-Form Jeremy Hyman
Gospel Serpentwithfeet
Harmonic Sharleen Chidiac
Improvised Will Epstein
Jazz Roy Ayers
Keys Will Shore
Love Songs Zsela
Muse Lourdes Leon
Noise Johann Rashid
Organic Okay Kaya
Protest Tanya Tagaq
Quiet Zuri Marley
Rave Dawn Lombardi, Hana Quist And Hue
Soul Nick Hakim
Turn Up Kodie Shane
Underground Discwoman
Viral Cardi B
Who Needs Labels Porches
X-Factor Bryndon Cook
Young Rhi Blossom
Zing Deem Spencer, Dan English And Mel English