Daily Paper x Dreamville

Dream Daily



Daily Paper


Daily Paper and Dreamville have come together to create a unique capsule collection named ‘Dream Daily’ that pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of The Great Mosque of Djenné, Djinguereber Mosque and the University of Sankore located in Mali. Inspired by the power of storytelling and education, the collection takes inspiration from the untold history of one of the first educational institutions in the world. The collection consists of seven pieces in sandy and maroon colourways adorned with bold graphics, portraying iconic instruments and the standout dual logo, all adorned with custom graphics and branded Daily Paper and Dreamville logos.

The ‘Dream Daily’ campaign features a yearbook-style photoshoot, depicting key members of both Daily Paper and Dreamville in a classroom-like setting, encouraging the message of dreaming big and achieving your goals. Photographer Olya Oleinic captures the essence of the collection perfectly. The Dreamville cast, including Dreamville artists Bas and Lute, DJ Nitrane, producer Cedric Brown, and Dreamville’s Director of Design for Apparel, Raeana Anaïs, all feature in the campaign, adding to the collective phrase ‘Dream Daily’ to empower their communities and champion untold stories.