China is a big Moldova




Olya Oleinic


China is a big Moldova is an image-journal which Olya made on the occasion of her exhibition ‘Made of China’ at Foam, Amsterdam. As research for her exhibition Olya took a two month trip to Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei and Hong Kong, to explore the consumer culture and aesthetics of Chinese society.

This book is an uncurated collection of images taken during her journey, serving as chronicles of the travels and capturing the parallels between China – the country with one of the fastest developing economies in the world, yet a place what seemed very backward on many levels – and Moldova, her formerly communist home country. In a similar manner to Olya’s intuitive photographic approach to her environment, this book tries to capture a sense of immediacy through a highly flexible grid reflecting the spontaneous nature of a snapshot.

The book is on sale here.
One of the book spreads is available as a limited edition fine art print at Foam Editions.