Boys by Girls [PRVATE]




Charlotte Niketic @ House of Orange


Lotte shot an exclusive story for Boys by Girls in London. The publication is known to combine contemporary menswear fashion and portraiture, which turned out to be a simply perfect match for our Lotte!

The editorial is another wonderful display of Lotte’s ever growing perfection within her craft,  striking the right balance between fashion, art and documentary, resulting in an honest and immensely beautiful body of work. We have a little extract of the lovely write up about her story for you here, go to Boys by Girls for the entire story:

“But where will you go?
I don’t know, anywhere but here.”

Lotte van Raalte documents Tom Poppleton at Premier Models in black and white as he immerses into the world’s labyrinth. Dressed down in a plain white t-shirt and casual jeans, his utilitarian aesthetic supplements the perfect formula for a smooth, carefree escape.