Blushing Ears

documentary series



Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen


Embark on an intimate journey with the teenage documentary series Blushing Ears, as twenty teenagers delve into the raw, unfiltered aspects of the first time, falling in love, sexuality and the myriad experiences that accompany them. Personal experiences with dating, sexting and transgressive behaviors are shared amongst the teenagers with honesty and vulnerability.

In six episodes these young individuals seize control of their own narratives, challenging the shame and taboos that have long been associated with sexuality and explore the current state of sex education. Together with director Sophie Dros they strive to build a new, healthier, and more enjoyable foundation for future generations. Blushing Ears proves that talking about sex is not only important, but can be fun and liberating as well.

Blushing Ears is a co-production between HALAL and BNNVARA, and proud winner of the Cinekid for Professionals Pitch in 2022. The docu series premieres at Cinekid 2023 and will be available weekly on the NPO 3 YouTube channel from Monday, November 6th, and on BNNVARA on NPO 3 from Wednesday, November 15th, at 22:40.