adidas X Kraftwerk

Kraftwerk reimagined as a girl electro pop band in a music video collaboration with adidas.

Two awesome German culture icons in an imagined, just for fun, ai powered collaboration* created by awesomenessness and a host of friendly AI’s.

The band was imagined and designed in Midjourney, upscaled with Topaz Labs and animated in D-ID with voices from Murf AI. Backgrounds were also designed in Midjourney and animated with RunwayML’s frame interpolation. Editing and compositing also in Runway with additional 3D camera moves, particle and flare effects created with the Volumax 7 AI plug-in in Adobe AE.

The cover of Kraftwerk’s iconic BOING BOOM TSCHAK was recorded old school by awesomenessness in Apple’s Garage Band and was produced and mastered by our good friend Fabian Torsson, aka Phat Fabe

*For educational and inspiration purposes only and does not reflect the views or plans by either Kraftwerk or adidas.