'Spaarverslimmers' - The Coin Coaster



Code d'Azur


Meet the ‘coin coaster’ – a fully functional installation by From Form relying solely on manpower, fine tuned mechanics & no special effects. The shape was derived from the¬†ABN AMRO logo, and the funnel created to lead a Euro coin on a journey visualizing how saving money can take various routes.¬†Illustrating in a tangible way the campaign message, with the coin as the main actor, the film had to be shot extremely close up. Therefore the attention to detail was indispensable, and From Form got to decide on both the form and the execution from their own studio. It enabled them to devote an equal amount of attention to each piece of the puzzle; from a 3D printed airplane to gold-fouled numbers in the clock. The same goes for the research process, they spent a lot of time diving into the world of motorised mechanics to make sure the globes and clocks would run smoothly.

The film is part of a digital experience integrated in a wider campaign roll-out with Code d’Azur. The installation will live on in the bank headquarter’s ‘hall of fame’.